3 Steps To Cleanse Your Life and Mind

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One of the most valuable things that we can have in life is peace. However, it’s often times one of the hardest to obtain. There’s always a million things going on… multiple people pulling us in opposite directions, constantly changing schedules, unexpected obstacles popping up here and there at random moments, etc.

Having to carry all of this built-up weight can cause us to become stressed, overwhelmed, and tired. How can we find peace amidst life’s chaos?

Regardless of how hectic life can get, we can learn to center ourselves and find peace at any moment. However, it is much easier to achieve when we have less things to worry about. Taking care of what we can control, regularly, so that we have less built up over time is key to proving us with a greater sense of peace during life’s most stressful moments.

Here’s 3 steps you can take to help you cleanse or “purge” your life in order to maintain a steady peace-of-mind. 

**Disclaimer: These things are not easy but are 100% possible with dedication and effort.

1) I call this one “cleaning out the closet” because, well… that’s basically what it’s referring to. 

It’s so easy to fall behind on laundry or stack up random unused items in an extra closet. Life is so busy, sometimes it’s easier to just tuck things away to get it out of our sight. However, over time, these items continue to accumulate… and before we know it our closets or storage spaces are just as disorganized as our lives. 

Believe it or not, the habits that we adopt in the comfort of our own space are the same habits that will bleed into our daily world. But how, you ask? 

When we are organized and clean in our home, we are organized and clean in our lives. Look at it as a form of self-discipline that offers structure to your mental state. By keeping your space clear you are, in turn, keeping your conscious clear. It is much easier to function and make better choices in your daily life when you have less clutter taking up space in your subconscious (or conscious) mind. Plus, when you are organized in one area, it often motivates you to carry these habits into other areas of life as well. 

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So… Clean out your closet, your kids’ closets, storage closets, the attic, the garage, the cluttered drawers and cabinets that you secretly don’t want anyone opening… Oh, AND the stuff you have stored under the bed! Sound familiar? 

Organize it ALL and get rid of the stuff you don’t ABSOLUTELY need, then keep it that way! It works WONDERS for the mental, spiritual, and emotional states of our being. You will immediately begin to feel lighter when you free yourself of these simple unnecessary burdens. It’s a “clear your life, clear your mind” concept. 

Trust me, it works.

2) Detox. I know it sounds cliché, but really… It’s essential to detox. 

Most commonly, detox refers to the cleansing of the body to rid it of toxic wastes and chemicals that build up over time. And although I will mention that here, there are actually many different ways that you can detox or “cleanse” that will make you feel better mentally, spiritually, and physically. 

Here are a few: 

You can detox your mind by working on rejecting the negative thoughts you receive and replacing them with positive ones.

  • Now, this one is not as easy as it seems and does not happen immediately. This is more of a practice over time that will eventually bring promising results. Work on training yourself to recognize your negative thoughts and, in the moment, replace them with thoughts of a more positive outlook. This is the purging of negativity from your mindset. You will start to notice your attitude becoming more positive and an improvement of your overall wellbeing as you continue to practice it daily. I know It may sound silly, but just try it! It really works.

You can detox your spirit by forgiving yourself or someone else for something that you/they have done or letting go of things you can’t control.

  • Things happen. Life goes on. It is so common for us to hold on to grudges, circumstances that took place out of our control, or even our past mistakes that can’t be undone. These types of things have NO room in a happy lifestyle, much less a peaceful mind. If you are still bothered by something that’s happened in the past with someone that you maybe once cared about, forgive them and then yourself for holding onto it for so long. If you have to step up and reach out to lift that burden off of yourself, do it. If you have done something in the past that weighs heavy on your heart, seek guidance or counseling to help you get it resolved. A healthy mind equals a healthy life. Holding on to things that hurt you will only keep you away from peace. You are only responsible for what you can control now.
  • If you are religious or spiritual, detoxing your spirit could also mean
    realigning with your faith by confessing or releasing your sins, stresses, or worries to your God/god(s). Maybe you haven’t been connected or attentive to the spiritual side of yourself and it’s allowed you to stray mentally from that sense of peace. Getting back in tune with that higher place can help you cleanse spiritually and will work worlds of wonders in itself.
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And third, you can detox your body.

In today’s world especially, there are chemicals everywhere. We are often unaware that they lie in our food, in the clothes that we wear, in the hygiene products we use, and even the air that we breath. And because the healthiest things are likely not the most accessible, it’s important to recognize that we need to cleanse our bodies regularly of anything harmful that may build up inside of us.

There are many different ways that you can physically detox.

Some of the most common ones are:

  • Purchase a detox cleanse in the pharmacy section of your localdrug store. (Either in tea, liquid, or pill form)
  • Order a unique detox cleansing kit/plan online
  • Eat a combination of the top detoxing foods
  • Enjoy a sauna or heavy workout
  • Drink lots of water (more of a small-scale detox)

If you haven’t detoxed in a while (3+ months or so), I would definitely suggest doing so soon! Depending on which method you take, they are all designed for different lengths, strengths, and effectiveness. Choose one wisely and you will start to feel much better physically, which will greatly improve your mental state as well.

**CAUTION: It’s important to be skeptical about anything you consume. There is a lot of false and misleading information out there so make sure that you’re choosing a reliable and safe way to detox your body.

Here are some helpful resource links to help you further research detoxing:

And finally,

3) Say goodbye to negative people. For good.

Now, there’s some negative people we just can’t escape… such as our boss, our coworkers, or other people that we have to coexist with (although, I do
recommend you only working in a negative work environment temporarily – if you HAVE to – but never plan to exist in this environment long-term).

BUT, there are other negative people that make their way into our regular lives who latch on to us and drain us dry of all of our happy energy and peace. These people could be your life-long friends, family members, or even… your partner.

Most of us know deep down who these people are as soon as we read this. We know how they make us feel when they put us down or tell us we can’t
accomplish our goals and dreams. But we either love them, have gotten used to them being in our lives and are afraid of being alone, or both.

If someone is harming you mentally, emotionally, or physically, they are draining you of your peace. If there is someone in your life that makes you feel less than them… If there is someone in your life that tells you that you can’t be successful, happy, and free of stress and self-doubt… If there is someone in your life that won’t let you be you, LET THEM GO. Purge your life of their negativity and move on to bigger and better things!

Because we interact with other people on a regular basis and don’t live alone in isolation, we pick up and are affected by the energies of those around us. The more often we are around someone, the more of their energy we are consuming. And the more of that person’s energy that is directed toward us, the more we are directly affected. Even if these people are not directing their negative energy toward us, if we are in their presence, we pick up on it!

No matter how hard this is, rid your life of these negative people and choose positive ones. The people that we choose to live in our world will shape who and how we become who we are.

Cleanse your life of the people that bring you down. Be open to the idea of new people filling your world that match your desired lifestyle, and live your life happier, healthier, and more at peace. You might have to rebuild your entire circle, but when it comes down to it… it’s the best decision you could make and you will feel loads of weight lifted off your shoulders.


You can cleanse your life in ways that make MASSIVE changes for your overall well-being. Implement these steps into your life gradually and make the choice to never go back to the cluttered, overwhelming, toxic lifestyle that so many of us live.

Again, a peaceful life is not an easy life. But when we keep our mental, physical, and emotional states clearer, we can do more, see more, and be more.

By: Allison R Waters