5 Steps To Manifest What You Desire

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Do you have a yearning in your heart that you haven’t fulfilled? Is there a place you want to go or a certain thing you’d like to have that you’ve always wanted but never physically obtained? Is there a job or an opportunity that you’ve always seen yourself a part of but have never taken the steps to get there? Or maybe you’ve taken steps but you’ve reached a plateau and are wondering why you STILL haven’t gotten what/where you desire?

Over the last few years I’ve manifested jobs, opportunities, the love of my life, vacations, habits, material things, etc. that I believe were allowed in my life because of the practice of these 5 things. I learned by reading self-help books, watching motivational videos, listening to podcasts, getting training from gurus, and most importantly… life experience

1 – The very first thing you need to do is imagineLiterally. Imagine yourself getting that raise. Imagine yourself in that city or country you’ve always wanted to visit. Imagine that perfect partner that you’ve always wanted for yourself. Imagine that new house or car that you have so long deserved. Imagine yourself already there, experiencing that feeling of satisfaction, knowing that you MADE it

This is absolutely essential! When you establish something in your mind, for certain, the universe can start to work for you. When you combine imagination and desire, your path becomes narrower and ultimately begins to weed out anything that won’t help you get there. SERIOUSLY! 

2 – Once you have these things imagined, grab a pen and paper and WRITE THEM DOWN. Write down all your goals, desires, and dreams… no matter how absurd they may seem. Write down what you think will help you get there. Think about your life and what areas you are strong in, what areas you are weak in, and what parts of your daily routine that you’d like to see change. Make short term goals, long term goals, lifetime goals and get them on that sheet of paper! 

Not only does this make things concrete, but this is something you can physically look at to hold yourself accountable. Thoughts in our head can be bumped out by other irrelevant thoughts that come about in daily life. But writing things down, keeps them engraved in your subconscious mind MUCH more so than just thinking about it here and there.

These things that you desire and have written down will follow you in spirit no matter where you are or what you are doing and will, behind the scenes, start to make the way for you to get there. It sounds absurd, but try it whole heartedly. It’ll blow your mind. 

3 – Nothing is possible unless you believe. You have to believe that the things you are asking for or trying to obtain are 100% possible to achieve. You have to believe that YOU are the one that can make it happen and that if you are making the effort, it WILL happen! No matter how long it takes!

You have to believe that what you desire is already meant for you, no matter who or what may come along to tell you otherwise. It is probably the most important of these 5 steps. If you do not believe in yourself, the universe (God), and journey that it takes you to get there, it will be very hard to get any further than where you’re at now. Believe and KNOW that you are capable of everything you desire, never give up on that idea, and you WILL get there.

4 – Although I tend to fall short in this category, I find that these steps are WAY more effective when I’m practicing them consistently. Consistency really is key. The more you have your mind set on and are taking the initiative steps to make things happen, the quicker they are going to. It’s as simple as that. No matter what hectic schedule your life is filled with, take the time to imagine, write, and believe. It will make all of the difference


5 – Stop caring what people think. Often times we hold back on our dreams because we are worried about what our family, partner, co-workers, or friends are going to think. 

This is a huge mistake. The most successful people in the world often say that very few people believed in them starting out in their careers. Their family said they couldn’t do it, their friends said they couldn’t do it, their coworkers said they couldn’t do it, and whoever else… But now they are living their dreams happy, healthy, and wealthy. Thanks to who??? No one but themselves! (Initially, at least). 

As you go along in your endeavors being yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, and listening to that higher calling within you, the right people are going to show up. The right people are going be knocking on your doorstep, hitting up your DMs, and wanting to be at your side supporting you. Wait for these people and be perfectly fine with the fact that you are going to lose friends, followers, and supporters, but you will gain all the more important ones right back! You don’t need anyone on your team that does not come from a genuine place of support. Even if you don’t see them at first, they’re coming

Now that you have some ideas, get yourself in the right mindset! Start believing in yourself. Start making concrete goals and decisions, and manifest what you have always desired into your life. You can do it! It’s all up to you. And as you see positive things in your life unfold, it will bring you fulfilment beyond compare.

Remember… when we are happy and healthy, both mentally and physically, we can do more, see more, and be more.